What five technical skills are employers seeking? What five soft skills put you on top?

Though this question can be asked about many fields, this post will focus specifically on the technical skills that employers are seeking for positions related to computer science. Though this narrows down the skill set a lot, there is still a huge number of technical skills that could be useful for a great number of different, computer-related occupations. There are skills used every day by web developers that are not needed by embedded systems programmers, and vice versa. Because there are so many occupation specific technical skills, I am going to attempt to list and explain five technical skills that are sought by a relatively wide range of employers searching for candidates with computer science degrees The first of which is the ability to understand the principles of object-oriented programming. Object-oriented programming is very helpful, in making programs easier to understand, as well as easier to write. Another important skill is a working knowledge of the command line interface in various operating  systems. It seems that a programmer will sooner rather than later find the need to use the command line interface in his or her experience (Thomas, 1994). A programmer should also be familiar with some type of scripting language, as this requirement seems to be cropping up in job posting requirements fairly often, for a large variety of positions.  Some examples are JavaScript and PHP. Another important technical skill that makes a candidate desirable by a large number of employers is encryption and information security. In recent times, security breaches of a technical nature are very common, and these breaches are bad publicity for any company(Carnoy et al., 1997). It is helpful for any programmer to be considerably knowledgeable about security, and have the ability to write secure code. The final skill I will mention is the ability to design efficient algorithms. This is regarded as one of the more difficult skills, as it is more than simply memorizing keywords or concepts. A programmer has to be creative, and think in terms of efficiency throughout the process.J2EE_Skills

Soft skills are also important, and are somewhat overlooked by many candidates. Soft skills are verbal and written communication, enthusiasm, and ability to work on a team effectively. Some others are professionalism and general social ability. Though these skills are not necessary at all for a person to be simply an excellent programmer, they are almost always necessary for a person who wants to be a paid excellent programmer. This is because a huge majority of programming jobs require employees to work in teams, and collaborate with clients, managers, and subordinates effectively.


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2 thoughts on “What five technical skills are employers seeking? What five soft skills put you on top?”

  1. The beginning of the blog explains the reason why the blog is being written clearly. This post kind of becomes a block of text though, maybe some spacing will help that out. I really like how you talk about multiple skills that an individual in computer science that would need in the field. I myself do not have all the skills that you have listed but I will be looking into learning that material in the future.


  2. I am impressed by the way you explain the reason for each and every skills you mention in details. I can’t agree more that these items are the most demanded requirements that any employer would look for; some of them are also on my list!!! One advice I have for your post is that you should split the gigantic paragraph into smaller one so that it is easier to follow. Another thing is that it would be nice if you can elaborate a bit more on soft skills. I like your selections though. Except for this minor drawback, the post definite an enjoyable read I would recommend to anyone.


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